3 reasons why you should care about the UI/UX of your website

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When it comes to business competition, it is nowhere stiffer than the online world.  The Internet is constantly coming up with something better, be it an idea, platform or the user experience (UX.)  While online entrepreneurs do care about implementing better ideas, increasing the speed of checkout, they often tend to overlook the importance of user interface or the user experience.  By making your web application faster and selling quality stuff you can obviously attract more customers, but if the user interface is not good enough you will never be able to engage your customers.  Research shows that more than 50% of the visitors abandon a web page due to bad UX.  Therefore, it makes sense to take good care of the user experience that your website offers.

Let’s examine in detail 3 reasons why it is a good idea to invest on the UX of your website.

1.UX enhances user engagement by creating value – There are mainly two kinds of values matrices that can be used the measure the success of an online business. One of these is the money that comes from the sales and savings and other is the value that you create. Very few people understand the real significance of creating value and just concentrate on the money matrix. While the truth is that it is the latter that drives the former. This is because value matrices involve things like social media shares, return visits, user loyalty, referrals and mentions. These are the things that you generate by improving UX of your website. In turn these values drive your sales and give you better profitability.

2. Positive user experience means more money – It might sound a bit too simplistic, but businesses that want to stick around for a long time will have to focus on UI/UX of their website.  This is because when you sell online, you are not only selling a product, but also the ease with which your prospective customer is able to access it.  The more easily and pleasurably the customer is able to find the product of their choice, the more sales you would get.

3. Better UX means more sustainable online business – The more that you’re able to translate your user’s great experience into profit, the more you’ll be able to invest in the life and vitality of your website. This way, you are able to add more value to your products and services. Thus UI/UX designs play an important role in getting the most out of your site, and represent a great opportunity.

Conclusion – Remember that the Web is more than a simple mode of communication – it’s an entire experience for a user. That means everything from the videos that are embedded, to the style with which the images and text are laid out, to the increasing importance of tactile input as users swipe and click. Due to the vastness and high-level of competition on the Web, the value proposition that businesses are tasked with is no longer tied simply to the product that’s being sold but also to the way that a customer’s user interaction generates an emotional reaction. Therefore, it makes great sense to invest in the UI/UX of your website.

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