4 Cool Web Design trends to follow in 2016

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The first quarter of 2016 is over and the time is now ripe to look at how the predictions made last year for web design have fared.  Industry experts predicted more bold designs, emphasis on storytelling, rise of interactive designs, custom designs and an inclination of designers towards new technologies.  In this article we will find out how far these predictions have come true and how designers and developers are adapting to change.  Another important aspect that we will elucidate will be the ways to make the most of the emerging trends in the web design arena.

Here are the 4 cool web design trends to watch out for in 2016:

1. Google Material: The new face of web design – Talking about the emergence new technologies, we cannot ignore the mercurial rise of Google Material Design (MD).  Making a humble beginning, MD gained enormous amount of momentum in the first quarter of 2016 and has today become the first choice of web designers and developers.  It is obviously a great foundation for web design, but what has made it the preferred design format of web developers is its nuanced approach to Web designing

2. Embracing storytelling – Web designers took a lot of time to recognize the prowess of storytelling in conveying an idea. But now that they have embraced it, there seem to be no looking back. Apart from the clichéd flash animation, designers are also experimenting with Parallax websites to create a “wow” effect in their designs. In 2016 this practice is gaining more traction in the web design world. More designers are now using a combination of HTML and Parallax to give an interesting twist their sites’ stories.

3. Going interactive – Interactivity has always been the love of SEO experts and conversion specialists. This year, web designers and developers have also joined the bandwagon and it is proving to be a rewarding combination. Apart from incorporating cards and infographics, designers are now coming up with new designs that facilitate customer interaction. The latest and the most successful example is the Volkswagen website that asks the customer to build their own perfect car instead of showing their jazzy models.

4. Quirky becomes cool, minimalistic and non-minimalistic spar over space – This year web designers are using quirky fonts and logos to woo visitors. This trend has taken deep roots in a very short span of time. Be it a technology based website or an ecommerce business designers are falling back on quirky logs and fonts to grab the attention of online visitors. While this trend has established itself like an undisputed grandmaster, the debate between the choices of minimalistic or non-minimalistic design is far from over. Due to this dilemma some designers are going “no-frills”, others have started relying on vivid illustrations. But the good news is that both are proving to be equally effective.

Conclusion – Looking at these prominent trends of web design and development, one can say that the experts had rightly predicted the immediate future of web design. If you really care for the growth of your online business, it is a great idea to incorporate these attributes in your web design.

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