4 Essential Elements of an Ideal Logo

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4 Absolute Essentials of a Logo Design

Finalising a logo is one of the most important decisions you will take as a business manager. A perfect logo would squeeze in the message of your company, plus a bit of magic!

Read on to find four essential elements of such a logo.

Branding – You need to bring several elements together to capture the essence of the brand, combining it all into an image that ingrains itself for a long time on the viewer’s mind. The logo must encompass the brand and marketing message the enterprise wants to send to consumers.

Aesthetics – An ideal logo design created with an aesthetic sense would stir emotions to creative a positive image of the business in question. Aesthetics contribute in a big way in making the right impact. For instance, reading about an adventure sport may not give you an adrenaline rush, but an image can. That is the power of visuals.

Usability – You should be able to use the logo graphics in different mediums – web, letterhead, print ads, video, among others. Something looking great in a site banner may not seem that wonderful on a brochure, so your Professional logo designer need to come up with a logo that looks good regardless of the place.

Size of the logo matters as well. It should not be too large or small regarding the surface it is used on. For instance, putting an extra large logo on the business card may leave little space for the relevant information.

Timelessness – A well-designed logo would withstand the test of time. Even when an update is required, some touchups should be enough to keep it fresh and prevent it from looking dated. Logos have memorability and that is why, changing them is a bad habit. The objective should be on getting a logo that works for as long as possible.

Apple, Nike, Starbucks, and Coca Cola are some examples of timeless logos. Apple logo is deceptively simple, but with an implied meaning of taking a bite out of the apple from the tree of knowledge. Nike’s makes you feel that you are moving. Coke’s indicates the energy flow, while Starbucks’ has a magical little mermaid to tie in the meaning of the name.

Create a graphic design for logo with these essential elements. It will enable you keep sailing for long.

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