5 Mobile UI Design Secrets You Can Learn From These Brands

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5 Mobile UI Design Secrets That Will Make Your App Stand Out In The Crowd

A lesser known trait of Steve Jobs, iconic CEO of Apple,  is that he used to think more like a designer than a CEO. All Apple products are a great example of his great and intuitive design sense. It’s also the vital reason behind the success of Apple products. And not only Apple, many other brands have used the power of design successfully. A UI designer can master the craft from the live example of other great UI designs.

The need to browse the layout on a variety of devices led to shifting of design trends from bulky textures and gradients to vibrant colors, simple shapes and ‘flat’ components. There was a visible shift toward white space and large typography.

Here are the following 5 UI design secrets that you can learn to outsmart the competition:

1.More focus on user interaction and behavior – The latest iPhone 6S display size has increased from the earlier iPhone versions. Earlier versions had a resolution of 750 x 1334 at 326 dpi, but iPhone 6 plus frame resolution is 1920 x 1080 at 401 ppi density. What does this mean for UI designers? These new screen sizes are forcing UI designers to adopt different UI element sizes and in different proportions. The computer hardware capacity to process multi-layered designs at such high resolutions is increasing.

According to Source Bit, a famous design blog, “The beautiful thing about Auto Layouts is that it takes away all the frustration that comes from working with classical design apps: the constraints of raster graphics, the amount of time wasted on re-adjusting things to faulty pixel grids, the nightmare of defining typography rules, performance inefficiencies, workflow fundamentally inappropriate to app UI design…the list goes on.”

It uses smaller and denser screens and offers split views. So the challenge for a Mobile UI Designer is –how they can spilit information into two panes of a phone. The key takeaway is – a mobile UI designer needs to have a mindset where singular pixels, pixel perfect accuracy, and other microscopic details will be irrelevant. They need to pay more attention to typography and interesting layouts. They need to focus more on the user action.

2. Focus on a unique shape – Every great brand product has a different and unique design. This allows them to be identified even from a distance. The logos of these four brands also follow the same principal. All of them seem different and use colours intelligently. One thing is very clear—they all have a unique shape.

Another advantage with icons is that they can be seen in different sizes. Their size is large in the home screen, but smaller in the notification center. Therefore, a Mobile UI Designer should make sure that their icons can reduce really well and are clear in any size.

3. Avoid using a photo – Never ever try to use a photo in your app icons. Let’s view the following icons and how they have adopted a unique geometrical shape rather than using a mere picture.

4. Accurately portray materials – In iOS 7, the square wallet is clearly identifiable from its distinct shape and hologram. ‘LifeKraze has an app icon based on skeuomorphic approach.

5. Test your app icon on different wallpapers – It’s important to test your icon on all types of wallpapers. It may look great on certain types of wallpapers but not that great on others. So test them on different wallpapers.

Conclusion – Design is not just about shape and aesthetics; it’s more about understanding users’ interaction and psychology. Taking care of the above factors will certainly improve your design to a great extent.

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