5 Strong Reasons to Use Animation Videos

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The popularity of the website depends on the traffic it generates and the level of engagement of visitors on the website. The amount of time visitors spend on a site an important factor behind the search engine algorithm. Another important thing is that the average attention span of users has gone down to 8 seconds in 2013 from 12 second in 2000. This means you have just 8 seconds to impress your customers. That’s the one reason, the popularity of animation boomed recently. At the same time these are affordable and provide a high ROI.

Here are the following benefits of animation it offers:

Increase Conversion Rates – It has been found in a study conducted by Video Rascal that 85 percent of people are more likely to buy a product after seeing an animated video. Thus, it helps to convert normal visitors into actual consumers.

Clarify the Objective of Your Product – Animated explainer videos take away the guess work from the communication. Texts are often tricky as these can often leave the room for doubt. For people, it becomes easy to understand your products and services when they see it in animation videos. It helps your customers better connect with your products as it clearly shows what your product provides a solution for their problem.

Increase interest – Social signals are becoming more and more important as a powerful medium to increase the interest about your product and services. Numerous studies have proved that people are more likely to share animated videos than text and images. Thus, sharing animation videos on social sites can raise the level of social noise about the product.

Rank Better in Google Search – Search engine optimization experts have reiterated that having only text and images on the website does not help websites rank in Google. This means, stale websites have little chance to attract visitors. Having endless block of text often scares away people who want to understand your product. On the other hand, animation videos keep them hooked till end.

Makes a lasting impact – According to a research study conducted by the Wharton Research Center, an average person only retains 10 percent of the information they hear, but they can recollect 50 percent of the information they see. It means when they see your product, they are more likely to remember it,and if they like your animation videos, they will share it as well.

Wrapping up – In short, multimedia animation videos are the most effective way to attract visitors and make an instant connect with them. One of the reasons behind their effectiveness is that they possess a more personal touch. Therefore, using a good quality video can be a great way to boost the conversion rate and subsequently increase the sales.

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