5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Graphic Designer

hire a graphic designer

What are the characteristics of a good graphic designer?
Creative ability is just one aspect, they should be a good listeners and team players as well.

5 characteristics of a graphic designer

The “must have” traits of a great graphic designer – The importance of a good graphic designer cannot be understated. People first see your brand design such as logo, business card or brochures—and then they come to know about the other aspects of your business. So it’s difficult to deny the importance of a strong brand proposition, crisp messaging and frequent outreach as a component of an effective communications plan. Good graphic designers can separate your brand in the crowd with their first rate creative presentations.

Here are the following 5 tips to hire a good graphic designer:

1. Check for the subject matter expertise – Check their command over the tools, such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXPress, and the area of expertise you need in your industry. Try to know how their mind approaches to a particular design. Do they understand the importance of the various design elements? The answer to such questions can help you to separate a good designer from a bad designer.

2. Good portfolio – Ask whether they can show a portfolio of their work. Look for a designer whose area of expertise lies in a broad range of industries. If you’re looking to hire for advertising, focus on logo samples. If you’re in the IT industry, a designer who has worked for a construction company can’t do the justice.

3. Good listener – It may not seem an obvious point, but absolutely vital to show potential employers that you can listen to ideas carefully and implement them meticulously. The reason is simple: someone who listens is certainly more responsive than who does not listen. It’s the best way to learn and grow.

4. Willing to experiment – A good graphic designer knows when to break the conventional rules and when to play safe. If you expect to stand out in the crowd, it’s not possible with the set boundaries. “Somebody whose mission is to do something that everybody else isn’t doing. It’s about the point of difference, the passion and the drive to want to achieve that.” says Timba Smits, Creative Director at TCOLondon. Hire a designer and reflects their passion for thinking outside the box.

5. Team player – They should be a team player as they need to work in a cross-functional environment. They should be able to walk with the team as a ‘lone lion’ attitude does not work in the industry.

Summing up Creative ability is not the only criteria; ability to work in a team, capability to think out of the box, and eagerness to learn new things are a few other traits that you should look for while hiring a designer. These are the qualities that differentiate a good and bad designer.

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