5 Things to Consider In E-Commerce Mobile App Design

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Your E-Commerce App Will Rock If You Follow These Steps

The world is moving towards mobile and the total mobile e-shopping global sales have already crossed $163 billion. Despite such statistics, only 10 percent retailers actually offer mobile apps. So you deserve a pat on the back if you have opted to go via the app route.

Here is a list of following 5 things that you must consider before you start e-commerce Mobile app development:

1. Make sure what information do you need on your screen – This is of great importance. You need to evaluate the importance of every element on the screen. Elements should be placed in such a way that users could focus more on the content. Important elements on the screen should be placed predominantly. Other pieces of information should be merged, removed or combined in a manner which is less distracting.

2. Display Call to Action buttons predominantly – Call to action button should always be the most visible part of your Mobile UI. It’s better if it’s bigger in size and having a deep color. When evaluating the screen, the single minded focus should be on how to inspire the user to take action.
And it would be a good idea to place the Buy button right below the photos of clothes to keep users remains focused on the content so that it remains visible all the time.

3. Have as few steps to reach the content as possible – Narrow the steps to make the process of check out easier for them. You should try to adopt processes that leads the user to the chosen category in the lowest possible steps. You can also use the auto complete feature if the number of fields in the form is bit longer. It will make their task easier.

4.The shorter the signup form, better the conversion – Use a short signup form which is easier to enroll. A long sign up tires the user and they prefer going away from the site. There is no need to ask complete profile.

5. Condensed & Consistent Navigationac – Real estate space in mobile UI is limited compared to website so the navigation should be more condensed and consistent. This is important as you can display only limited number of items within the global navigation. When a user finds a product they want to shop, make sure that they have to take only few steps. Taking longer steps means, you are losing the sale.

Conclusion – Always remember that users will not like your mobile app design, if it makes their work more difficult. So always think about the user and imagine how he will interact with the different elements of your app. Taking care of a few things will make your app standing apart from the crowd.

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