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App Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Customers need freshness and innovation in a product. Failing to do so will certainly lead to death of the product. In the world of mobile apps, when updates are frequent, this becomes all the more important. However, often businesses misunderstand this and they feel that if they change the app, even cosmetically, the users could feel that they keep innovating.  However, many app revisions are quite terrible and can make things actually worse.

It’s a big problem as going back to an earlier version in mobile apps is difficult. In iOS you can take the backup of an older version before migrating to the new design. But, in Android phones this facility is not available. So if migrating to a new app design goes terribly wrong and there is no option of returning to status quo, you have just one option : delete the app.

We have tried to enlist a few terrible app design mistakes that big media companies have made and which you should avoid at any cost. And media companies are content driven and UI has been their traditional strength; so all the more reason to be cautious when it comes to  mobile apps.

The previous design of the Associated Press Mobile app was clean and intuitive. However, the new version has photo tiles and each tile represents a topic. The problem is that these pictures keep changing constantly.  Text is hard to read as they are superimposed on the photo. 

Another big mistake is that AP Mobile app text is white on dark grey platform which is difficult to read.   It’s a common design rule that having  text on image is a bad design idea; but Associated Press UX designers seemed to have missed that vital rule.

USA Today is another big media house that created this design faux pas. Its app has shrinking text and index screens are unreadable. They tried to simulate the old fashioned newspaper style layout by making the top stories bigger in size. But since the screen size of smartphones and tablets are smaller, reading other stories becomes a challenge. Even Reuters committed the same mistake, even though its iPhone app has better readability than its iPad app. BBC, on the other hand, has done things right.

Conclusion – ‘Usability’ and ‘design thinking’ are popular buzzwords these days. They really are what app developers should be optimizing for. But too few actually deliver on making apps both usable and functional.

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