How 3D Multimedia Animation Will Influence Your Product

3D Product Modelling

Using 3D CGI Drawings to Visually Render a Product

3D multimedia animation involves the creation of full-fledged three-dimensional CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) drawings to visually render a product and its various components. The animation would represent the configuration, assemblies and modus-operandi of the product enabling the products understand its mechanism.

Used at Various Levels – Thanks to the rapid progress in CGI animation technologies in recent years, 3D multimedia animation has changed the way industry performed. Business managers can use it at various levels – test products, implement real-time changes for optimum performance and efficiency, imparting education about the product, and drive the product’s utility to the prospects.
Using 3D animation facilitates precise wire-frame geometry creation, easy monitoring of kinetics, along with verification of designs as per the design rules and specifications. You can create product simulations that provide precise overview of the final product, enabling viewers to gauge its performance and efficiency level.

Intricate, Detailed Animations – Mechanical design engineers have hugely benefited from the technology as it helps designers lessen the tiresome and often annoyingly repetitive task of product redesign during the later stages. The animation proves to be particularly useful during the early phases of designing, when the design concept is still abstract. These animations are intricate and detailed, enabling the team members visualize the concept of the product even before it reaches the prototype stage.

Creating Virtual Prototype – Marketers can use 3D multimedia animation to demonstrate a virtual prototype to potential clients. It would help them tremendously in comprehending the modus-operandi of a product and its feature line. Presentations get the punch that just cannot be achieved by the conventional means. Viewers are able to understand the core concept and features, even if they have no technical education.

The manufacturing cycle also gets shorter when using 3D animation. It lets create an operational virtual prototype, even at the initial design and development stage, making it easier for engineers to move ahead in development. In fact, they can design multiple prototypes of the same product with minimal cost and optimum efficiency.

What the Technology Facilitates – The technology facilitates quicker verification of product design against design guidelines and specifications, makes design of assemblies and subassemblies simpler, enables 3D sectional view, and supports convenient monitoring of kinetics, clearance and interference in the assemblies.

Prior to the arrival of 3D animation, mechanical engineers had no option but to use traditional prototyping techniques that were costly, time, resource guzzling and error-prone.

What to Ensure When Outsourcing – Just make sure that the company you have outsourced multimedia animation to uses 3D animation techniques of the highest quality. Moreover, depute someone to closely monitor the progress throughout the project cycle to eliminate any scope for imperfections.
Generally, the outsourced 3D animation project will commence with you providing them a storyboard, accompanied by hand drawings and/or 2D CAD models. Working with you closely, your external animation team would first create 3D models as per the client’s instructions, following it with the application of material properties. Now, camera angles are defined and lightning is set. Once the client approves the completed composite, the design professionals will begin creating 3D multimedia animation.

Take extra time to find an outsourcing company with several options to fit your unique time and budget constraints. Without spending an exorbitant amount, you can ensure your animation assets look very best.

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