How to Design Character in 2D Animation

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Q: How to create a character design? And how many types of Character designs are there in 2D Animation?

A: There are two types of character designs done for 2D animation. One is Cartoon Character Design & the other is Realistic & semi Realistic Character design.

Each character design have 3 different patterns
a). Skinny Character Design.
b). Tiny Character Design.
c). Fatso (Bulky) Character Design.

Let me start with semi Realistic Character Design with Tiny characters properties.

a ) First we see the “story-line reference character”.

b) Then we calculate & Justify the character’s Proportion (Reference link of Proxportion) & Anatomy (reference link of anatomy). We thus create a rough anatomy of the character. Then we trace and refine the character using single line, its basically called Cleanup. (Reference link for Cleanup) Then we roughly draw a different view of the character for Model Sheet & do the cleanup. (reference link for the model sheet) We start to fill colors in the character according to the reference. Compile all the image of steps of coloring
Stage 01 Stage 02 Stage 03 Then similarly we complete the other views of the model sheet with the same color pattern. (Reference link of Color Patterns) Now when all the coloring done its time to rig (Reference link for the Rigged Character) the character (Rig basically means putting joints and Cartoon character design so it becomes ready to animate). animation multimedia animation anime Now the Character is perfectly rigged and ready to animate. multimedia

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