How to effectively Use Multimedia Animation to Boost Conversion

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Why Multimedia Animation Is Considered a Powerful conversion tool

The benefit of multimedia animation can only be realized if you understand your target audience well.

The popularity and impact of animation videos are well-known. Marketers have also started realizing the power of animation in the content marketing process. A tailored marketing video can really helpful in engaging the potential customers from the start to end of the sales funnel. Numerous case studies and researches have proved that having an animation video such as explainer videos can boost the conversion rate. It’s because a video can reflect the emotion and information at the same time.

A multivariate testing conducted by Treepodia for two of their eCommerce clients increased the conversion rate by 46.22% and 27.05% conversion (irrespective of the fact that visitors watched it or not).

Target your market – It’s important to target the right customers. A tailored animation video,such as an explainer video can be very useful in conveying the right message. A customized animation can easily captivate your audience and tell explain them about your product and services in a powerful manner. You should place the multimedia animation videos on the channel where your target audience resides. It may be the landing page, or video streaming site such as YouTube and Vimeo or a social media platform.

Stand out from the noise – There is a lot of noise on the internet. These are full of tips and unsolicited advice and following them will only waste your time. If you are targeting your audience, your approach should stand out in the crowd. It’s important to include the the right content and style that helps to retain your best consumers.

Use the right style – Using the right style is extremely important for animation. Animation presents an open space to attract and retain your potential customers. It’s not just about the funny animation charecters. So, allow to be innovative to capture your customers’ imagination.

Be clever – Have you seen how Groupon uses video in their email marketing campaigns. The quirky brand uses videos to engage with their videos in an engaging manner. Creative Animation Services, but when you press the panic button, another character appears and it throws water on his face. At the end of the video, it creates sympathy for the poor Derrick and often people resubscribe the mailer. You need to be smarter like this.

Summing up – Animation can provide a shot in the arm to conversion rate if used smartly and intelligently. Using animations provides you a smart departure from the monotonous content from the blog. It helps you to drill down the deeper level of audiences and leaves a greater impact on the mind of people. And all of this boosts the conversion rate.

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