Multimedia and Animation: Past, Present and Future

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Animation is all pervasive – Today, we cannot imagine a world without multimedia and animation. These two art forms are an integral part of your life, whether you are a student, professional or a layman. The advertisements that you come across in print and electronic media have one or another element of these two art forms. When it comes to explaining intricate concepts to students, animations can do it in a short session. Even business and corporate presentations are incomplete without the use of multimedia and animation. In addition to all this there is a whole world of online and mobile gaming that relies solely on multimedia.

So, what is the genesis of these two art forms and how they have assumed so much importance in modern life?

The humble beginning – It all started in the early 19th century when the city of Paris was abuzz with the news of a new gizmo. It was called Thaumatrope – a metallic disc with images on both its sides. The two ends were attached to a string in such a way that when the strings were twirled the pictures would merge into each other. It was great fun in those days and the gizmo became very popular among the youngsters. Then in the middle of the 19th century another gadget, Zoetrope captured the imagination of masses. It was a cylindrical device with pictures on the inner plane and vertical slits on the outer. When the gadget was spun the pictures appeared to be moving. The real animation revolution started in 1914 Winsor McCay created the first cartoon, Gerti the Dinosaur. After that there was no looking back for animation and multimedia and today it is multi-million dollar industry creating cartoon films, multimedia games, movies advertisements and above all employment for millions of professionals.

Multimedia and animation revolution – Today multimedia and animation are being used in every major industry. Whether it is an advertisement campaign or a corporate presentation, Animation experts from India are part of every endeavor. In the west this trend is gaining momentum very rapidly and the companies there are facing a talent shortage. To meet their increasing demand for talent they are outsourcing their multimedia and animation services.

Multimedia and animation outsourcing – Countries like India have a large pool of qualified and experienced animators. To take advantage of this abundant talent pool large companies are setting up their animation studios in India. It gives them easy access to the right professionals at a much cheaper price. Small and medium enterprises are unable to do so, hence they are hiring dedicated animation experts from India. Small businesses and star ups hire Indian animators because along with the expertise they also get English-speaking manpower. With this double advantage they are able to work with dedicated animators just like their own in-house staff.

In the time to come this trend will gain further momentum and India will be the next hub of animation and multimedia services.

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