The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Flat Web Design

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Flat websites offer a hassle-free, simple and user-friendly design structures with noticeable typography; however, it may mean visual hierarchy conflict and contracted usability for some.
The latest trend in web design industry is skewed towards a demonstrated belief in minimalism. What we see is a flatter, trimmed, narrowed down and scaled down 2-dimensional and straightforward user interface. Web designs are now characterized by simple design elements that are easily navigable minus all the usual trappings. Here, the uninitiated may obviously want to know all the flat

Web design pros and cons we list 5 of them:

1. Simple interface vs. diminished usability: – Flat web designs are suitable for mobile device interfaces. Simple layout, plain structures and easy-to-find buttons jettison the need for zooming in. It ensures better user engagement and user experience. However, depending on your website’s goals, such unsophisticated web design features may not serve the end. It’s for you to decide whether such flat design concepts are a good option for you.

2. Eye-catching typography vs. inappropriateness: – In most cases, flat designs are composed of simple types with bold fonts in a bit to match the design theme. They are devoid of ornamentation that may seem like misapplied. However, the use of such typography might not be advisable for all websites. Extensive deliberations must precede any kind of typesetting on websites.

3. Powerful color tool vs. need for additional elements: – Flat web designs are known for employing colors in contrasting variations as a tool for easy guidance of site users. This is also intended to enhance user engagement on a site. Nevertheless, the look and feel given off by such flat designs may not work very well for some websites. Some sites may require extra elements to better engage users and achieve conversion goals.

4. Clear visuals vs. conflict with visual hierarchy: – No doubt, flat websites give clean and sharp visuals with clear shapes, lines, buttons and other functionalities for easy search and usage. However, some are of the firm opinion that such design approach can create conflicting situations with the visual hierarchy of the site, leaving users disappointed.

5. Immense popularity vs. passing fad: – Nowadays, flat designs are getting a lot of attention and appreciation from designers, developers and bloggers for all the right reasons. However, the flipside of it is sustainability. Established designers opine that with a flat design one needs to appraise it sooner or later, and we never know when the craze will fall out of fashion.

Like everything else, the science of web design is evolving rapidly, and the right decision to choose between a flat website or an embellished one can only be arrived at after a careful analysis and testing of all favorable and unfavorable features, keeping your website’s objectives in mind. Taking timely help from a Web Design Company will resolve all your concerns about the right design option to go for.

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