The Direct Relationship between Visual Content and Enhanced Customer Engagement

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Visual communication far precedes the advent of written words. Going back to the days of cave dwellings, the only known means of communication between the cavemen was visuals like carvings on the cave walls depicting hunting expeditions, etc. Fast forward to present day, it is still the same case. People still need visuals to communicate with each other; it is just that technology has transformed the way we tell a story.

Visuals content draws immediate & more attention – Meaningful communication and engagement is key to building trust between your business and potential customers. As a matter of fact, people prefer visual content to plain text. Communicating through visuals draws instant and more attention and they are more effective.
The attention span of people in general has gone down from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds today. As such, the importance of visual content is more emphasized now than in bygone eras. Eyeball these facts to know why:

  • Infographics increase site visits by 12%
  • Content featuring photos, pictures, and videos generates 94% more views
  • 60% of prospective buyers are more likely to contact a business displaying images in search results
  • Social media posts based on images achieve 37% more engagement

Visual content stimulates our brain more – If the business message you want to communicate doesn’t reach the target audience at the right time, then it comes to naught as far as all the efforts, time, energy, and resources invested into a marketing campaign is concerned. So spamming your site with messages and posts that don’t reach the audience is an exercise in futility. On the other hand, surprisingly though, a cool, insignificant-looking emoticon may turn out well.
In today’s digital age, we generate, send, and receive 5 times more information than we used to; however, the amount of information that our memory can store, process, and use hasn’t increased correspondingly. This makes people choosier about what content they want to consume and how to do that best. Visual content provides them the answer.

Maybe this is because visual content stimulates more sensory systems in our brain than text. More specifically, while written text is good at activating only 2 parts of the human brain, visual content in combination with text activates 5 parts of the brain.

Visuals content rules social media – With hundreds of statuses and posts on news feeds, the work of making your posts stand out so that people notice them and take action is a huge challenge. It’s said that human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than plain text. 50% of the information transmitted to the brain is via visuals.
Social media offers one of the most effective platforms to build brand awareness, and visual tools provide the means to leverage that. The simple fact is that people are more disposed to believe what they see than what they read.

Those businesses who introduce fun elements in social media posts through visuals fare better than their peers. They have long realized that it is a tried-and-tested way to capture customer attention. It can’t be achieved merely through plain written text.

To sum up, visual content such as images, videos, slides, and infographics in right dose and in combination with captivating design can work wonders for any organization.

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