The Importance of Motion Graphics for Any Website

Using Motion Graphics for Content Marketing

Motion graphics have been integral with the media since 1960s. You have seen them in plenty in TV, commercials, movies, web sites and any other visual medium, and they are again in rage.
That is amazing has motion graphics have been impressing people for long and yet, their magic hasn’t subsided.

Blending Different Creative Elements – A static website can be sprung to life by intelligent use of motion graphics. A great example of animation and motion graphics combined is an animated GIF. The creative possibilities can be stretched to the limit with GIFs. They can be compelling for the user; much more effective than words. As internet audiences have short attention span, motion graphics can be of great use.

Connecting with Audience – Animated GIFs are placed by experts into the ‘micro-content’ category. It is creative content optimized for use in online media. A brand may be using an animated GIF on their own website, facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter. Regardless of the placement, the objective is to connect with an audience.

Why Motion Graphics are More Effective than Video – Many a time, motion graphics are even more effective than video. Internet users create and consume a great deal of video content. Statistics tell that 72 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube alone every minute. This is simply a lot content. Most users will find it hard to scrub through long videos to get to the most relevant portions. In fact, if the video is too long, they may simply close the window. If they do that, the efforts of the video creator to woo prospects come to ought.

Great Deal of Information in Concise Manner – Using motion graphics can set aside this problem as they offer a great deal of information in a short and visually appealing manner. They are impressive enough to convince the viewers watch them, reducing the risk that a viewer will miss a call to action because they haven’t viewed key portions of a long video.

Easy to Make – Moreover, Intelligent use of motion graphics, as compared to other types of video content, like a commercial. Animators may build the animation from the ground up, or create a flat graphic and animate it from there. The latter is an easier and cheaper option.

The Preparations – When animating a static graphic, making the right preparations as you create the design is important. You need to create the flat image in vector format, so that it can be enlarged without any loss in quality. This facilitates better control when it comes to animating. For instance, you can create a flat design on a subject and later, if required, the animator can put it in motion later.

Motion graphics are a powerful tool. It is time to explore where they fit in your content marketing.

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