Using Psychology to Optimize the Impact of Your Design

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In the contemporary business scenario, especially after the emergence of e-commerce, design has become a significant tool to get the desired conversion figures.  This is because designing is all about presenting the visual content in such a way that it elicits the desired response from the viewer. So, to be successful in design, you will have to understand the psychology of visual content.

The Psychology of Visual Content – Every visual that we look at influences our emotions in a big way. Whether it is the choice of images, colors or shapes every little detail has a certain effect on our brain. Here are a few things that every designer should keep in mind while designing.

Visceral Responses – Every visual evokes a certain emotions in you depending on its color scheme, design and overall presentation. That is the reason you either like or dislike the visual without actually being able to tell the exact reason. Psychologists call this inexplicable reaction to anything, the visceral response. It arises from your subconscious and usually relates to basic human needs of love, comfort and safety. So, if you are using design as a marketing tool, make sure that the visual produced reassures the viewer of their basic needs. If you are able to take good care of the visceral responses of the viewer in your design, it will definitely elicit the desired response.

Eye Movement – Psychologists say that every visual has four points where the direct lines of a design intersect. The eyes of the viewer first go to one of these points instead of the center of the visual. Therefore the most important element of your design should be at one of these four points. This rule also confirms to the basic human tendency to be sure of the surroundings before entering a new space. Another important thing to keep in mind while taking care of the eye movement of the viewer is that you should user soothing color schemes at the eye movement points.

Color Schemes – Choosing the right color scheme is crucial to the success of your design. This is because every color has its own effect on human psychology and a bad color combination can drive the target audience away from your design. In colors “Red” is associated with high energy and often creates a sense of urgency. Blue signifies trust and is thus ideal for insurance or banking designs. Orange is all about aggression and pink is associated with romance. Green is the easiest color for the eyes to process and is usually associated with wealth. As designers, you have to use the right combination of colors to optimize the impact of your design.

Conclusion – Human psychology touch every aspect of life, be it business, sports, or the intuitive art of web designing. Designers who acknowledge this fact and try to evoke the desired response from the viewers by using psychology, taste success more often than those who take a mechanical approach.

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