What You Ought to Know About Pairing Fonts

pairing fonts in design

Why it’s important to learn the concept of pairing fonts

Strive to create right balance in your design

Do you know what the biggest challenge in graphic designing is? It’s to know which two fonts will work well with each other. Finding the two matching typography or typefaces is what most designers struggle with. However, if you follow a few basic rules, you can match fonts like a professional designer.
To get a mastery over the font pairing, first understand the nuances of different font styles. For example: where serif fonts are used or where San Serif fonts would be appropriate. Similarly, you will have to learn about Script font and its importance in cursive writing styles.

Focus on understanding few concepts – Understanding few design concepts related to the hierarchy of fonts—which are used to create contrast is important to learn. It’s important to understand how a reader will read the text, and how to create a typographical balance for the reader.

Which pairs to use – Using right font pairs helps us create the right design balance. Heavy and light fonts are visually appealing to eyes and such contrast creates an appealing look.
Contrast is a very strong design concept, and it has a role in the all aspects of graphic designing. If we learn to use it well, it can transform the quality of overall graphic design.

Match design fonts to tone – The tone of the content and selection of the font style should be in sync with each other. It helps create the right imagery with text which helps you create more impact of the writing style.

Be Different – Never shy away from thinking out of the box. Leave your imagination free to run wild. Keep mixing or matching different fonts. Layer your fonts, add signs and symbols and do whatever you like. If you like something, just go for it. Continue to do experiments.

Combine Old and New – Combining old or retro feels with trendy modern fonts is a way to combine also creates a nice contrast. They tend to complement each other well.

Create Contrast with the Same Font

You can easily create contrast with the same font by changing its size or by using bold or italic styles. This also helps in creating Overall Graphic Design Services

Font-pairing is an art—and mastering this technique is important for a designer. It can help your design standout in the crowd.

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