Why Visual Designers will “Rule” the Web of the Future

visual design

Let’s face it; design is an integral part of every web application.  But do you think it has evolved at the same pace as web development has for the last couple of decade?  Most probably your answer will be in negative.  Unfortunately, this is not far from reality.  Designers no doubt play an important role in the development process of any web application, but they always remain in the background.  Another factor responsible for the stunted growth of web design is the focus on code based processes.   But in the coming decade all this is going to change leading to the resurrection of design.

The next decade belongs to design – The next decade will be all about design for it has been in the background long enough. Today’s web application will no longer be able to make the desired impact if their design element is not sound. This is because today web is accessed more on mobile devices than the standard desktops. Designers can no longer afford to rely on fixed-width canvas as they have to ensure that their designs adjust correctly to every possible resolution. These designs also have to take into consideration things like network speed, progressive enhancements, media queries and browser configurations. Code based design solutions cannot meet these requirements and hence the focus will be on developing web design toolsthat create visual abstractions around common web development primitives.

Focus will be on minimizing technical boundaries for designers Web Design has been around for over 25 years, but the designing part is still lagging behind. If the web is to reach its full potential it can no longer ignore design. It is the technical boundaries created by code based designing that has hindered the growth of design. Whether it is look and feel of a website or ability to convey the right message, everything relies heavily on the design part. So, in the next decade the focus of the web development industry will be on empowering more designer s with the new age designing tools. Software like the Photoshop and Dreamweaver are a thing of the past as they can no longer keep up with the changing needs of the market. Now the focus will be on creating designing platforms that will enable designers to bring ideas to life instead of struggling with frameworks.

Web designing landscape is going to transform – One unique attribute of web designing that sets it apart from general development is that it cannot be automated. This is because unlike other web applications design invokes human emotion and empathy. As the next generation web solutions are going to be more humane and less technical, web designing will become all the more significant. Whether it is a simple content page, a data-centric application or an interactive solution everything will rely on the design element to gain popularity among the masses. These factors will lead to a virtual transformation of the web designing landscape. Designers will get more leeway to experiment with the aesthetics, color schemes and other attributes of web design rather than learning to deal with complex codes.
With the web development coming of age and online solutions becoming more interactive, the designing part will get a huge boost. In this business environment web designers will rule the roost in the coming decades.

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